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W. N. Boutfiower, Education Department
H. Prince,  Superintending  Engineer
Lt.- Col. P. C. Anderson...

Captain Ellaby, K A..  ...

Offertory, All Saints' Day, 1876     ...






Statnes of the Sacred Heart, of the B. Virgin and Child, and of S. Joseph,
from the Dowager Marchioness of Lothian and the Dachess of Buccleuch
(through Lord Ralph Kerr).

Life-size crucifix (indulgenced), from Lord Balph Kerr.

Persian carpeting for the Altar  steps,   from J. W. Tyler, M.D., F.B.C.S.

A crystal chandelier for the Choir,  from Mr. John Ellis, Agra.

A crystal chandelier and a marble chair,   from Seth Baghunath D&s.

A marble chair ; from Lala Badri Prasad.

The Font,  from Lala Ratn Lai

The Stations of the Cross, from the Men of the 10th Boyal Hussars.

The above lists are inserted In this volume as an interesting record of the
cordiality that prevailed among all classes of the community during my official
connection with Mathura, and as a permanent acknowledgment of the generons
assistance that I received in carrying out a project which I had greatly at
heart, A description of the unfinished building has been given in an earlier
chapter. Any want of congrulty that may be detected in the design is mainly
attributable to the same cause as paralyzes the action of almost every District
Officer in India, "ws., his liability at any moment to be transferred to some
entirely different part of the country. As I was not in a position to put down
the whole of the money at once,. and did not wish, in case of my sudden
MmoYalj to leave the Mission burdened with a design which it would require a
very large outlay to complete, I commenced the work in a simple and inex-
pensive style, and pushed It on as rapidly as possible. By the end of the year,
-when part of it had been roofed in and roughly furnished, I felt myself at
liberty to launch out into more elaborate architecture, which I Intended to con-
tinue so Iwig as I was on the spot, but which could be stopped without serious
practical injury to the fabric, if I were removed. Many of the bald features,